Reprise des entraînements 26-07-2017

Pre-season training


I will offer a 5 week intensive S&C Program at Colovray, this will happen twice a week on the dates laid out in the Doodle  link. Considering that I provide this training for all levels of the game, I request anyone wishing to partake to sign up (and show up), that way I can prepare each session according to expected fitness and strength level.
We will be doing quite a bit of rugby specific cardio, strength and polyometric training. The sessions last around 1.5-2hour, and you need to bring running shoes for both outside and the gym.
I will also try to arrange some fun training activities on the lake, which I will announce in due time.
If you should have questions please feel free to contact me any time.
Cheers and hope to see plentiful
Raphael  Gessenharter
  • Team 1 & 2 start pre-season train 17-august
  • Mermaids start pre-season train 14-august
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